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Coolfront Books Terms of Use Agreement

Dated as of January, 2019

Please note that Coolfront Books was formerly named Quality Service Pricing (QSP) and all terms and conditions agreed to under your Quality Service Pricing subscription remain in effect.

License: dESCO, LLC grants Coolfront Books subscriber, during the terms of this agreement, a non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, non-transferable license to use any and all information contained in Digital Coolfront Database (DATA), no matter the medium, except as outlined under the Restrictions section of this agreement. Without limitation to the foregoing or any other provision of this Agreement, Subscriber may not copy, reproduce, alter, modify or reverse engineer or remove any DATA or any other element of the Digital Coolfront Database at any time. Each Data License; (i) is intended only for employees of Subscriber that are authorized to use the DATA hereunder; and (ii) may not be shared with other persons or entities, either internally or externally.

Restrictions: DATA may not be imported into any third-party mobile application.

Services: dESCO, LLC agrees to use the information provided with this order to configure and print Coolfront Technician Guides in the appropriate quantity for use by customer personnel. In addition, dESCO, LLC will provide ongoing customer support that shall include: (1) Maintaining the Digital Coolfront Database, (2) Adding repairs to the Coolfront Books system, (3) Maintaining material/parts estimated cost database (your actual parts cost may differ), (4) For monthly subscribers, offering updates at any time after 3 months since the last update. Annual subscribers are required to pay appropriate fees with each update request, (5) Assisting with system implementation through telephone coaching, (6) Providing unlimited telephone technical support as long as the subscriber is in good standing.

Authorization: The customer hereby authorizes dESCO, LLC to charge fees according to the terms set forth in this order form. This subscription agreement is considered in effect and binding from the subscription date. Subscription fees will be charged each month (unless Annual Payment Option is selected) and will continue to be charged until such time as the subscriber terminates the relationship with dESCO, LLC The only acceptable method to discontinue this subscription agreement is by written notice as indicated in the paragraph below under “Termination.” A willingness to continue using Coolfront Books shall be assumed by all parties with appropriate monthly fees charged and collected each month.

Updates: If a subscriber wishes to request an update, it is the subscriber’s responsibility to contact dESCO, LLC or to visit the Customer Website and complete an online update. The subscriber hereby acknowledges that each time an update to the Coolfront Books system is completed, the subscription is renewed and extended, for a minimum of 12 months from that date. Completion of online forms or paperwork necessary to request pricing guide updates at the agreed-upon intervals is the responsibility of the customer. PdESCO, LLC will not assume any responsibility for a customer that does not complete the necessary online forms or paperwork to receive updated pricing guides.

Subscriber Payments: Set up, Monthly and/or Annual fees will be charged by checking account debit or to the credit card listed in the “Payment Authorization” section of this subscription agreement. When Coolfront Books updates are completed online, the checking account or credit card on file with dESCO, LLC will be acknowledged and used in the online authorization page at to extend the subscription agreement. Customer authorization and electronic signature will be collected online with the submission of the update request. Customer is responsible for paying all monthly fees and for providing valid payment information to dESCO, LLC until such time as the subscription is terminated.

Copyright: The customer acknowledges and agrees that all data printed and otherwise provided with the Coolfront Books subscription is owned by dESCO, LLC and is subject to U.S.Copyright Law. Further, Coolfront Books use is granted to the customer in good standing with dESCO, LLC. Customer personnel are authorized to use the data provided by dESCO, LLC in the discharge of their duties and within the scope of their employment. The customer warrants and will guard against unauthorized duplication or use of any kind. At termination, customer is required to purge all Coolfront Books data from all company and personal computer systems and devices, return all software (the Companion CD), and immediately discontinue all use of this proprietary information.

Termination: Termination of this subscription requires 30 days written notice by completion of the dESCO, LLC cancellation form. Under any and all circumstances, upon termination, this form must be completed and signed by an officer of the company indicating that all proprietary information owned by dESCO, LLC and protected by US copyright law, has been purged from all computer systems and electronic devices and will no longer be accessed in any way for any reason. Any past-due balance must be paid in full and all software CDs must be returned to dESCO, LLC, Inc. before termination can be completed and monthly billing ceased. Call 888-229-4100 to request a cancellation form.

If a subscriber wishes to terminate this subscription at any time during the minimum 12-month agreement period, in addition to the above requirements, the customer must buy out the balance of the subscription by paying the remainder of the monthly amounts owing for the minimum 12-month agreement period as determined by the original order date or the most recent update order date. The appropriate balance will be charged to the customer’s credit card or debited to customer’s checking account or all books, materials, software etc. must be returned to dESCO, LLC within 10 business days of the cancellation notice.

Non Payment: Failure to pay monthly book fees gives dESCO, LLC the right to terminate this agreement and will impose a one-time fee for the remainder of the 12-month interval and require all data, materials, books, software, etc. be returned to dESCO, LLC within 5 business days. Failure to pay any and all fees and/or return materials will result in collection, court and attorney’s fees to be charged to the subscriber. Failure to take advantage of an update does not relieve the subscriber of monthly subscription fees due.

Terms and Conditions and pricing can be modified without notice. As such, please check this website for the latest Terms and Conditions.