Coolfront Agreements

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With Coolfront agreements You Can Expect To…


Easily manage all of your agreements customers from one location. With a dashboard showing you all of your past, tentative, scheduled and upcoming visits, life just got much easier!


Easily and professionally present your service agreement program. Track sales from the field and see which technician is selling the most. Market to non-agreement customers as well with our free marketing materials as well!


Know at a glance exactly which customers need maintenance visits and when. Detailed reporting on every customer is available in an instant.


Automatically remind your customers when their maintenance is due with customizable email and phone calls. They’ll call you to schedule their appointment instead of the other way around, which is a huge time saver!

Start using coolfront agreements today and join thousands of contractors who are kicking it into high gear.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can customer payments be processed within Coolfront Agreements?

Coolfront Agreements has a partnership with Payment Processing Consultants where you could request a merchants account. We also have a partnership with Forte (a payment solutions company) where you could get access to the payment gateway using your merchant account. The Forte payment gateway can then be accessed directly from within Coolfront Agreements.

Does Coolfront Agreements integrate with Coolfront Mobile?

Currently, the two programs are separate. When an appointment has been scheduled in Coolfront Agreements you will simply create a new work order for the job inside Coolfront Mobile.

Is the marketing bundle available on its own?

Yes, if you wish to purchase the materials separately you can do so for a one time payment of $400. Otherwise the marketing bundle is included with your initial purchase of Coolfront maintenance agreements.

Is there an app for Coolfront Agreements?

Since Coolfront Agreements works on any browser, you can access the program on any phone, tablet or computer in your company!

Can I record a personal greeting for my message?

Yes! You can add your own personal greeting to your emails and phone messages that Coolfront will send out.

Can the customer schedule their time with a link in the email?

Unfortunately not. The customer will have to call or email you to schedule.

Will Coolfront Agreements alert my customer that the maintenance plan is about to expire?

No, however, if you set them up for monthly billing the maintenance agreement contract continues until they cancel. If they are set up as a yearly contract, you will have to notify them to renew. So it is to your benefit to set up agreement customers for monthly billing.

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