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Coolfront is zero cost to you.

How it's Zero-Cost to you


Zero Cost is a revolutionary way the Coolfront flat rate pricing mobile app allows service companies to access and gain all the advantages of our system, including invoicing, at a net cost of zero dollars. No other software can provide so much for so little.

How it works:

  1. You pay $1.65 per work order created using Coolfront.
  2. Coolfront adds $1.65 into each repair you add to a work order.
  3. You collect for the repair and recover the work order fee.
  4. We'll give you the first 50 work orders free.

    Zero cost. What could be better?


  1. You need to replace a part on a customer's system. You create a work order which costs $1.65.
  2. You search the Coolfront database and find the correct repair. The fee is $396.00 for the needed repair.
  3. You add that repair to the work order, Coolfront adds in $1.65, so $397.65 is the price presented to your customer.
  4. You collect $397.65 and your net cost for using Coolfront on that work order is $0.

Note: For work orders that contain more than 3 line items, Coolfront will charge an additional $1.65 for every 4th line item.

Payment Options

Work orders are prepaid. Simply purchase the number of work orders you wish, then each time you create a work order in Coolfront, your balance will be debited.

Try AutoPay

Set up AutoPay and you'll never worry about running out of work orders.

When enabled, Auto-Pay will monitor your work order usage, and when your balance runs out, it will automatically collect funds and replenish your balance. You can turn AutoPay on (or off) at any time.

Add and Go

Purchase work orders as needed.

If you don't wish to use AutoPay, you can purchase work orders as needed. Simply indicate the amount of work orders you would like, enter your payment method, and Coolfront will process your order.

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