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With Coolfront Books You Can Expect To…

Flat Rate Is Great


Get less flack from customers when you present the price upfront – make more money too! Pretty Cool.

A Ginormous Database


Choose your trade. Coolfront’s Flat Rate Pricing Books provide 35,000 HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing repairs always updated so your price is always right.

It’s Your Show


Set your pricing based on your needs to turn a profit on every repair. Request new pricing books every 90 days, stay up to date and more profitable.

No Givebacks


Easily get your customer’s approval in advance and avoid discount hassles. Less stress is best!

Straight Shooter


Tell your customers the price upfront. Then they’re in control—It’s no big deal.

Give ‘em the Choice


Repair or Replace? Knowing the price upfront lets them make the best decision.

Tick Tock


Your customers won’t watch the clock because the price is the price. Oh what a relief it is!

You Got It Goin’ On


Customers are impressed when they see the repair fee, in print, from your nifty flat rate pricing book. They’ll know you’re on the ball.

Flat Rate – Same Repair, Same Price


From job to job, your team presents the prices you set. No going rogue.

Cloning Made Easy


Coolfront automatically offers maintenance agreements on the page, to every customer. It’s like cloning your best salesman.

Always A Green Light


Your team will get hassle-free approval on every job.

No Fancy Calculations


Your team picks a plumbing, electrical, or HVAC repair from the book and gets the price. Who needs a math wiz?

Coolfront Books Are Zero-Cost,

Here’s How It Works:

We add $2 to the flat-rate price of every repair. Run 55 service calls a month, recover Coolfront Books fees for first user. For each additional user, run 15 service calls, recover the Coolfront Books fees


Here’s an Example:

  1. You need to replace a part on a customer’s system.
  2. You search the printed Coolfront Pricing Book and find the correct repair. The fee is $395.00 for the needed repair.
  3. Coolfront Books adds in $2, so $397.00 is the price presented to your customer from the Coolfront Book.
  4. You collect $397.00 and your net cost for using Coolfront Books on that service call is $0.


Here are the  Monthly Fees You’ll Be Recovering:

  • $109 monthly (for one Coolfront Books license)
  • $31 monthly (for each additional license)


A One-Time $595 Activation Fee Covers:

  • Custom configuration of pricing system based on your needs
  • Professional consulting on initial configuration
  • Cloud-based access to view and customize your pricing books
  • Personalized implementation training via GoToMeeting from our dedicated trainer


 What Is Flat Rate Pricing?


Frequently Asked Questions


That’s ok – We’ve pulled together some of the questions we hear from time to time. Let’s see if they answer any questions you might have about our plumbing, electrical, and HVAC flat rate pricing books:

What is the Coolfront Tech Guide?

The showpiece of your Coolfront Books system is the Coolfront Guide. Referred to commonly as the Coolfront Technician Guide, or just Tech Guide, these are three-ring bound price books that will be used by your technicians, plumbers, or electricians in the field to look up and quote repair fees to your customers.

How many pages should my Coolfront Tech Guide contain?

There is no correct or one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Each company has unique needs and circumstances and thus will have its own best practices. Our best advice is to track your service invoice data over time and customize your book as you become confident in what your technicians are using and need. Be careful not to reduce your guides to drastically. While a smaller guide seems desireable, not having the pricing available when on a service call can cause confusion for your technician or customer and result in a poor customer experience.

How often do new Coolfront Guides ship to my company?

New pricing guides do NOT automatically ship to your company. New or additional guides will only be shipped when your company completes a Coolfront Books Update Request. Your Coolfront Guides are shipped directly from our production facility in Rochester, NY and contain the latest pricing information available at the time of shipment.

How often should I update my pricing?

We recommend you review and refresh your pricing every 12 months at a minimum. This enables you to keep up with the rising cost of doing business and to make adjustments to account for changes in your service department. If you need to make a price adjustment sooner than 12 months, you are always free to run a mid-year update. Contact Coolfront Support for information on 12 month or mid-year updates.

What is a Coolfront Books Update?

A Coolfront Books Update is a procedure your company follows to generate fresh pricing based on new or more current information. An Update also includes any customizations to the Coolfront Guides that your company wishes to make.

How do I complete a Coolfront Books Update?

The simplest way is to complete a an Online Easy Update. Easy Update is located in the footer of the CoolfrontBooks web site, or you can click the Login button in the upper right corner of the CoolfrontBooks home page. To run an Online Easy Update, follow the steps presented then submit your information. Online Easy Update takes apporximately 10 minutes to complete.

What if I don't find a repair in my Tech Guide?

While our national database contains over 30,000 repairs, not all repairs are printed in your Tech Guide. If you don’t find a specific repair printed in your guide, login to and search for the repair online. If you find the repair on the website, you can choose to print it in your next Coolfront Books Edition. If you fail to find the repair in our national database, then proceed to add the Dealer Speciifed Repair. Contact Coolfront Support to review the steps to adding such a repair.

What is a Dealer Specified Repair?

A Dealer Specified Repair is a repair that is defined by an individual contractor and added to their Tech Guide only. Dealer Specified Repairs (also known as DSRs) are NOT added to the national Coolfront Books database or any contractors’s guides outside of the contractor who defined them. DSRs are a way to account for repairs that are not included in the national Coolfront Books database.

What is a Coolfront Books Edit?

Before you run an Update, we recommend you login to to create what is called a Coolfront Books Edit. A Coolfront Books Edit is a list of all changes you wish to make to your next set of guides. This includes changes such as labor rate increases, column heading customizations, and inclusion or exclusion of any tabs, brands, or repairs from your printed Tech guide just to name a few. All of these edits are easily made on the CoolfrontBooks web site.

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