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With Coolfront Agreements You Can Expect To…

Track ‘Em Like A Hound Dog


Know exactly what customers have service and maintenance agreements, what type and when they’re due for visits or renewal—it’s all in the cloud.

Book ‘Em Danno


Your maintenance visit schedule is automatically set so nothing falls through the cracks. Keeps customers happy and saves time.

Who You Gonna Call?


No one. Automated phone and email reminders encourage customers to call and confirm a day and time for their maintenance visit.

How YOU Doin’?


You get an insider’s look at how your agreement program is performing with up-to-the-minute reports. Bada-bing!

Bringin’ In The Dough


Pay your team extra dough for selling service agreements. You’ll know who’s making the bread with real-time commission reports.

Smooth Operator


You can see peaks and valleys in your workload and adjust to smooth it out. Your techs will have steady work throughout the year.

Fill Their Toolbox


Hand your techs sharp, customized marketing tools and watch them confidently sell more service and maintenance agreements. There’s a whole library available—you choose!

Keep It Comin’


Create monthly maintenance agreements that never expire so the money keeps coming in—no renewals needed. Customers prefer bite-size payments so you’ll sell more, too.

Get Into The Rhythm


Give your team a report on what to collect each month. All of your monthly agreements are present and accounted for. Report, collect, repeat!

See What Coolfront Agreements Can Do – Check Out Our Demo:

Here’s The Cliff Notes Version:



Easily and professionally present your service agreement program. Track sales from field. Market to non-agreement customers and sell more plumbing, electrical, and HVAC service contracts.



Know at a glance exactly which customers need maintenance visits and when. Detailed information on every customer is available in an instant.



Automatically remind your customers when maintenance is due and they’ll call you to schedule. A huge time savings! Send custom reminders via phone, email or both.



Sign up for payment processing and accept credit and debit cards at a great rate! Easily set up Coolfront agreements to auto-collect monthly, annually, or collect per transaction.

Easy. Affordable. No Strings Attached.

What’s included:

  • Cloud-Based System
  • Automatic Agreement Scheduling
  • Marketing Materials Library
  • Scheduling and Tracking
  • Automated Reminders
  • Reporting
  • Training and Support


$109 per month + 55¢/month for each agreement


Service and maintenance agreement software with no setup fee and no cancellation fee!

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